We have been realizing bags, big bags
and fabrics in rolls for over
one century.

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Our company was founded in the early 1900s by Elvira Maggi, the mother-in-law of Arnaldo Carbognani. In the beginning, the work was carried out in the Province of Parma and the neighbouring areas. Using horses and carts, they would recover used jute bags, repair them and resell them so they could be reused. With the arrival of the son-in-law, Arnaldo, the husband of the daughter Rachele, the company grew and became a point of reference for agricultural and industrial packaging for the whole of northern Italy. Since the 1960s, Arnaldo, with the help of his sons Claudio and Paolo and daughter-in-law Barbara, has guided the company through a continuous expansion, reaching international markets.

Over the last 20 years, with the advent of the fourth generation, the company has further developed and modernised. The constant search for more effective, cutting-edge and innovative technologies has characterised our operations for over a century making us one of the main and most respected producers of materials for industrial packaging at international. Our technical department is constantly involved in research and in the planning and development of better solutions to offer the market reliable and competitive products with the sole goal of fully satisfying the requests of our valued Customers.

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