Research and development, internal laboratories for product testing and the capacity to offer made-to-measure customised articles.

Quality is our priority.

Research, design, development. Research and development of each product forms the basis of everything. Our Company’s primary goal has always been the quality and reliability of the packaging offered to Customers. To succeed in this, our commitment begins with carefully studying each individual product offered, scrupulously checking the materials used and organising our production lines. To do so, we guarantee products that meet the needs of those working and maintain stable and reliable quality over time. Reliability made to measure. Most of our products are developed and created on a bespoke basis to fully meet the needs of our Customers, while continuous analysis of any critical issues allows us to improve day after day, based on new requests, market trends and regulatory developments. Performance and supply chain innovation. Our research never stops and nor does improving development and monitoring production processes. And that’s not all. We have long-standing relationships with our production partners to increase efficiency, constantly develop and improve products and monitor the supply chain at all times.
We thus ensure innovation and superior performance. Quality and safety with the highest standards. We set ourselves the highest quality standards for each aspect of our products. To ensure optimal quality, we carry out all the tests envisaged in the European regulations in force both internally and at the best European laboratories. Well-stocked warehouses and fast response times. A constant ready-to-delivery quantity of products is always available in our warehouses and thanks to the organisation and planning of the production lines, we can provide fast services in processing the requests. A focus on the environment has become key. Following the LCA study of our products, we were the first to offer the market flexible packaging made from plastic, designed for recycling and accompanied by certification of their complete recyclability. We are fully involved in the development of products made from recycled materials to obtain a closed loop.

Our system Certifications

Certification AEO

Authorised economic operator with Customs warehouses.

Our product certificates

FLM031 Licence

Bags and Big Bags based on PP, PP with PE liner, suitable to be used in contact with dry foodstuff and with fatty substances on the surface.

FLM034 Licence

Bags and woven fabric based on Jute suitable to be used in contact with food.

RCP210027 Certificate

Recyclable polypropylene (PP) big bags (FIBC’s) and woven bags with or without polyethylene (PE) liner.

RCP230193 Certificate

Recycled polypropylene (PP) big bags (FIBC’s) named C.R.P. obtained from post-consumer waste (PCR) in the minimum quantity of 30%.

International eco-sustainability rating

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